International model agency PROMODEL is founded in 2007 and is a part of company “PROART Center Of Performing Arts”, which is one of the best organization of events and celebrity performances, as well as a leading organization in various areas of art in Central Asia.

PROMODEL is a high qualified management, control and personnel management and there is a possibility of organizing events both as at the national and international level. It includes an extensive catalog of professional models which are accepted by the best agencies around the world.

Model agency PROMODEL is proud of the best shooting of glossy magazines and designers:

Harper’s Baazar • Vogue • Cosmopolitan • Herworld • Elle • Alva • Sapto • Shope33 • Hermes U Magazine • Argyle&Oxford • Yosep Women’s Health • Novia Bandung • I’m Eve shop • Yelie

Cameo • Bobobobo • Hammer • Sissae Quipao • Felita • Melinda • Wedding21 • John Hardy Korean Beauty Company • Longchamp • MERLIN CHRISTINA • SISSAE • FABRICIO • FIMELA MAGAZINE • Turn Korea • WESLEY KOW • KOMO desing • LALI COUTURE 2015/16 • FUGU

PROMODEL’s models participate in the advertising photography of major international brands:

Schwarzkopf Germany Pantene • Alcatel • LG South Korea • Samsung

Participation in the photo session – professional models with a solid portfolio of work and faces of well known brands.

If you are looking for a model for show, advertising, video and photography, for the model for the exhibition and international work, promo model – our managers will help with the choice and will give answers to all your questions. PROMODEL has a great base of professional models presented completely on our website: www.promodel.uz All our models are well trained, professional, responsible and punctual.