This is one of the fundamental subjects of courses. Defile called a special technique of movement on the catwalk. Future professional models modeling business during these lessons taught several styles of catwalk shows how to move around, explain when you need to know when to stop or turn, the girl was able to enhance the beauty and glamor of clothes, which she demonstrates.


You will be taught correctly to pick up the clothes, the right combination of colors, pick accessories to look stylish as the girl on the cover of the magazine.

Photo pose

You will learn to always turn out well in the frame, easily and naturally pose for the camera, find their new perspectives and images

Acting skills

Acting classes includes a series of exercises that can be useful to anyone. Not everyone last acting school to become an actor, but almost everyone changes their lives and their views. Acting classes discover new facets in people and capabilities that can be used in everyday life, and with which to overcome the difficulties will be much easier. Output model on the catwalk, going to an event, or shooting in advertising requires not only the ability to communicate, but also the ability to lead yourself properly in an irregular situation, properly present themselves. For this study acting very useful for each model.

Basics of image and make-up

During the study of this subject the students will learn the proper and effective care of your body: they show different ways of hair care and skin, demonstrate in practice the proper technique for applying make-up and cosmetics.


You will learn all about proper nutrition, how to lose weight to model parameters and how to feel vigorous and confident without dieting.